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At Horse Originals we are proud to contribute to a better horse welfare. It is therefore our mission to give the horse safe and healthy access to its hay at all times of the day.

We are constantly creating and developing new innovative products. We support our retailers and customers worldwide with the best service. Deliver sales support content. This content is both sales promoting and knowledge transferring.

We have full control over our production and are therefore able to tailor and flexibly organize our cooperation with wholesalers, retailers and customers.


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With Horse Originals we are proud we can contribute to a better well-being of your horse. That is why it is our mission to give your horse safe and healthy access to its hay at all times of the day.

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How many kilos of hay can the Hay Playbag hold?

We have 2 different sizes of the Hay Playbag, namely the Large and Small. In the Large goes 10 to 12 kilos of hay and in the Small 4 to 6 kilos.

How many kilos of hay can the HayPlay Bag XL hold?

The bag can hold about 14 to 16 kilos of hay.

How high should I hang my slow feeder?

The most natural way for a horse to eat is with its head down. That is why we also recommend hanging our slow feeders as low as possible, so that the horse can also eat with its head down. This is also possible with our Hay Play slow feeders because, unlike a hay net, they are safe to use. With a hay net, a horse can get entangled with its hoof/leg. Due to the use of our material, this is not possible and therefore no danger.

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