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Horse Originals

Horse Originals is a Brand dedicated to invention and innovation working towards developing new and improved products for the welfare and happiness of your horse.

Horse Originals success is based on years of experience working directly within the Equine industry and studying horses to create natural products to cater the domesticated enviroment.

As a brand Horse Originals prides itself on bringing to the market products that will enable you to keep your horse in a natural living enviroment.

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Other products of Horse Originals

In 2015 Horse Originals introduced to its existing Leading products The Hay Play Bag the Hay Play Bag has been developed with Horse and owner in mind.

Due to its improved design your horse can enjoy there forage in a more natuarlly way slowing his comsumtion down as the bag encourages the horse to eat slower spreading the forage time throughout the day rather gulping it in one go.

The Hay Play Bag also encourages your horse to use the bag as a boredom reliever which can have a significant effect on Stable or field Vices encouraging a happier behaviour.

Horse Originals is the creator of the already successful Horse Fly Trap know all over the world for its Quality, Ease of use and more importantly for the effective results that it produces.

As a company Horse Originals is constantly seaching and developing new products to keep you and your horse happy for many years to come.